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Can Someone with WhatsApp GB See Hidden Status?

    GB WhatsApp is a third-party app modified from the official WhatsApp, offering features not available in the original version, such as custom themes, additional privacy settings, and the ability to send large files. These unique features have attracted many users to GB WhatsApp. Today, we will explore a common question: Can GB WhatsApp users view others’ hidden statuses?

    Can Someone with WhatsApp GB See Hidden Status

    GB WhatsApp and Hidden Statuses

    Before discussing whether GB WhatsApp can view hidden statuses, we need to understand the hidden status feature of WhatsApp. Official WhatsApp allows users to selectively hide their status updates from specific contacts. This feature is designed to protect users’ privacy, enabling them to control who can see their statuses. Can GB WhatsApp users bypass this restriction and view others’ hidden statuses? The answer is no. Despite GB WhatsApp offering many extra features, it still has to adhere to WhatsApp’s core protocols and server-side restrictions. This means if a user hides their status from you, you cannot view it whether you are using the official WhatsApp or GB WhatsApp.

    Why GB WhatsApp Cannot View Hidden Statuses

    1. Server-Side Restrictions: WhatsApp’s hidden status feature is enforced on the server side. When a user sets a hidden status, the server restricts unauthorized devices from accessing that status information.

    2. Encryption Mechanisms: WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption to protect user communications and status information. Even modified apps cannot break this encryption.

    3. Legal and Ethical Considerations: Even if technically possible, allowing the viewing of hidden statuses would violate user privacy and relevant laws and regulations.

    Privacy Features of GB WhatsApp

    While GB WhatsApp cannot view others’ hidden statuses, it does offer additional privacy features:

    1. More detailed online status control.

    2. Custom settings for read receipts.

    3. More status privacy options.

    These features help users better protect their own privacy rather than infringe on others’ privacy rights.


    In conclusion, although GB WhatsApp offers many extra features, it cannot bypass WhatsApp’s core privacy protection mechanisms, including viewing others’ hidden statuses. This limitation reflects respect for user privacy. When choosing which version of WhatsApp to use, users should balance functionality and security to make an informed decision. Ultimately, respecting others’ privacy and complying with relevant laws and regulations is the correct way to use social media.

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