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GBWhatsApp Pro New Update Download | 2024 Latest WA GB Pro APK for Android

GBWhatsApp Pro

GBWhatsApp Pro

Download the GBWhatsApp Pro update latest version 2024, totally free! You’ll get cool stuff like auto-reply, scheduled texts, saving statuses, plus awesome stickers and themes, all with strong privacy settings!

Latest version:17.85 | Size: 70.3 MB | Official Website:

About GBWhatsApp Pro

The app GBWhatsApp Pro, also known as WA GB Pro or just GB Pro, is an evolved version of the GBWhatsApp. You know, the “pro” kinda gives it away, right? Anyway, this application doesn’t just extend the expiry date; it’s got better security against getting banned, plus it runs smoother and faster.

As a popular third-party modified version of WhatsApp, it has amassed a global user base of over 70 million active daily users(That’s seriously impressive in the competitive landscape of WA mods), thanks to all those cool features you won’t find in regular WhatsApp. You can schedule messages, see ones that got deleted, and even jazz up your chats however you want.

It’s basically made for those who want more privacy, security, and just more fun with their messaging!

Main Developers Contributing to GB Pro WhatsApp APK

GBWhatsApp Pro APK has seen some major update largely due, to the efforts of developers like AlexMods, HeyMods, FouadMods, and SamMods, who are well-known in the software industry.

It’s worth mentioning that the latest GBPro version comes in two variations. One by AlexMods, HeyMods and SamMods, and the other by FouadMods. Now, both versions pretty much offer the same features, still, you’ll want to consider differences in storage, Android compatibility, and changelog, before hitting that download button.

GBWhatsApp Pro Update Link 2024

GB WhatsApp Pro is not available, for download on the Play Store. You can find it on third-party websites. Just make sure to download the legit GB Pro APK package to avoid any malware issues.

For a secure and hassle-free download experience simply click on the download button provided on our website. We offer the direct link to the latest WA GB Pro, which has been carefully scanned for viruses to ensure your device’s safety.

How to Download and Set up GBWhatsApp Pro APK Latest Version 2024?

  • Go to the download section on this page to get the GB Pro APK directly.
  • Make sure your device is cool with installing apps from unknown sources. Just head to your settings, find “Security” or “Privacy,” and flick the switch for “Install apps from unknown sources.”
  • Once the download’s done, find the APK file in your device’s downloads folder and tap on it to kick off the installation process.
  • Just hit “Install”, and the installation is super quick, taking just a few seconds.
  • Now, open GBWhatsApp Pro from your app menu. Enter your phone number and follow the prompts to get verified.

And there you have it – your WA GB pro app is good to go on your device.

Some Cool Facts in the Latest GBWhatsApp Pro 2024 Update You Should Know

Receive code from other phone verification – You know those days when you keep waiting for a verification code on your number but it never shows up. Now, no more! In the latest 2024 update, GBWhatsApp Pro download now allows you to enter verification code from other phone devices to get verified. No more waiting with crossed fingers to just be able to use the app.

Enjoy all features on linked device – Once you have updated GBWA APK Pro, you are not bound to only use specific features on your main device. You can avail of all features on any device that is linked to your GB Pro account. So, if you like to juggle between multiple devices at a given point, this is the solution you have been looking for.

Third-Party Integration – The latest 2024 update of GB Pro WhatsApp APK has a major integration play as well. All of you are now enabled to share stories on WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram at once with just one click. All in all, what is better than getting to use all your best features on one platform at the same time.

Cloud Backup – We all love a backup plan and GBWhatsApp Pro APK download fulfills the need for you just fine. You can sync and backup your data and have the peace of mind that it will still be there even when you erase your data.

Sound to Text & Translation – Who does not wish to have to type less. The new GBWhatsApp Pro Download APK allows you to convert any voice recording to transcribe, into text. This new update also has an in-app translation feature so you can always chat easily with others irrespective of the country they belong from.

Other Exciting New Changes in the Pro Version of GBWhatsApp Mod

  • Addressed Play Store update notification
  • Closed gap in the updates page
  • Resolved crashes with IG status
  • Corrected group name colors
  • Fixed avatar creation crashes
  • Adjusted 5-minute status option
  • Other fixes and enhancements

Make sure to bookmark our webpage for easy access to all the newest GB WhatsApp Pro releases and news.

Top Features of WA GB Pro Latest Version 2024

GB WhatsApp Pro 2024 comes with all the practical features that have been creating waves among users. From customization to privacy, file sharing, theme, and more, the list of features goes on and on, much more than can be contained on a page. To sum it all up nicely, we are highlighting some of the top features, rated by the users, of GBWA APK Pro.

Endless Theme Options

WA GB Pro APK has a ton of themes to pick from, like seriously, over 4000 of them! Whether you’re into simple stuff, bold colors, or fancy designs, there’s a theme that’s totally your jam.

Button Personalization

Here’s also a cool thing about GB Pro WhatsApp download – you can totally customize your chat buttons. Change the colors, styles, and sizes of your buttons to make your messaging app look just the way you want it to.

Tailored Notification Alerts

This app lets you set up custom alerts for each of your contacts and groups. So, you can give different ringtones or vibrations to different chats.

Extended Video Status Duration

Regular WhatsApp only lets you share videos that are 30 seconds long. But with this awesome app, you can share videos up to a whopping 5 minutes! Whether you’re sharing a funny clip or a cool moment, you’ve got plenty of time to show it off.

Message Scheduler

Ever wanted to send a birthday message right at midnight? Or maybe you need to set a reminder for an important meeting? With GBWhatsApp Pro’s message scheduler, you can do just that. Write your message ahead of time and schedule it to be sent whenever you want.

Diverse Hiding Options

This app takes privacy seriously. You can hide your online status, blue ticks, and typing status, recording status, status view whenever you want. It’s all about giving you control over who sees what.

Security Lock

Security is key, especially when it comes to your messages. The app lock feature adds an extra layer of protection, so you can keep your chat private, even if someone gets their hands on your phone.

Supercharged Media Sharing

Sharing files, pics, and videos is a breeze with this app. It lets you send files up to 1GB and share up to 100 images at once so you can send all your stuff without any hassle.

Effortless Chat Organization

Pinning up to 1000 chats? That’s a game-changer with GBWhatsApp Pro APK! Say goodbye to the days of only being able to pin a few convos. Now you can keep all your important chats right at your fingertips.

GBWhatsApp APK Pro or Regular WhatsApp: Which One’s for You

How to Update GBWhatsApp Pro?

First, to update GB WhatsApp Pro, you need to download the latest version of the app. Before that, make sure to remove the current version from your device.

Step 1: Save Your Chats
Before you start, make sure to save your chats so you don’t lose any important messages. Just go to “Settings,” then “Chats,” and hit “Chat backup” to back up your chats along with any media files.

Step 2: Remove the Old Version
Once your chats are safely backed up, it’s time to remove the current version. Head to “Settings,” then “Apps & notifications,” find the app GB WhatsApp Pro, and hit “Uninstall.”

Step 3: Install the Latest Version
Go to one of the GB WA Pro official sites like our website, hit that “Download” button, and let it do its thing. Once the download is done, open the APK file and follow the instructions to install the app.

Step 4: Bring Back Your Chats
Once the latest version is installed, bring back your chats by following the same process you used to back them up. Go to “Settings,” then “Chats,” and hit “Chat backup” followed by “Restore.”


How do I avoid getting banned on GBWhatsApp Pro?

To keep your account in the clear, please always get permission from your contacts before adding them to a group and avoid sending out unsolicited promo messages or spamming the same content over and over.

Why won’t my GB WhatsApp Pro app update install?

If you’re having trouble with the GB Pro update, here are a few possible reasons why:

  • Corrupted APK: You might have downloaded a wonky APK. Make sure to download it from a trusted source like our page.
  • Slow Internet: A stable connection is key for updates. If yours is sluggish, that could be the problem.
  • App Conflicts: Other messaging apps might be causing issues. Try removing both the old GB Pro app and the original WhatsApp. Don’t forget to take a backup of your chats before uninstalling.
  • Device Compatibility: Make sure your device can handle the update before you try installing it. Notably, the latest version needs Android 4.4 at least. If your device doesn’t meet this requirement, consider using an older version such as GBWhatsApp Pro V9.00, V13.50, or V16.20, which are among the most popular older ones available.
Is WA GB Pro safe to use?

GBWhatsApp Pro tweaks the appearance of WhatsApp but relies on the same secure server. Your messages are encrypted, just like with the original app. So, yes, it’s safe!

Can GBWhatsApp Pro 2024 be hacked?

Don’t sweat it – both GB Pro and regular WhatsApp use the same secure server. Your chats are encrypted, so hacking is a no-go.

Final Words

If you’re ready to download the GBWhatsApp Pro 2024, go ahead, and hit that download button. It’s also worth noting that GB Pro can be used alongside the basic WA, but not both with the same account at once. So, if you wish to have both apps installed on your phone, we would recommend creating a separate account on GBWhatsApp APK Pro.

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