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How to Change Font Style on GB WhatsApp?

    Changing the font style in GB WhatsApp is a simple yet powerful feature that can refresh your chat interface. This guide will explain how to change the font style in GB WhatsApp, making your messages more personalized and attractive.

    How to Change Font Style on GB WhatsApp

    Changing Global Font Style

    GB WhatsApp offers various built-in fonts for users to choose from, allowing you to change the entire app’s font style with one click. Here are the steps:

    • Open the GB WhatsApp app.
    • Tap the “+” icon in the bottom right corner.
    • Select the ” Universal ” option.
    • Scroll down to find the “Styles (Look and feel)” option.
    • Tap “Font Style” to see a list of fonts.
    • Choose your preferred font style.
    How to Change Font Style on GB WhatsApp

    GB WhatsApp offers several font options, including but not limited to:

    • Sans Serif
    • Serif
    • Monospace
    • Cursive
    • Fantasy

    After selecting a new font, the entire app’s font will update immediately, including the chat interface, menus, and settings pages.

    Change Fonts in GB WhatsApp

    Using Inline Font Styles

    Besides changing the global font, GB WhatsApp also allows you to use special font styles within individual messages. These inline styles can make your important information stand out. Here are some common inline font styles:

    • Bold: Surround text with asterisks, e.g., *bold text*
    • Italic: Surround text with underscores, e.g., _italic text_
    • Strikethrough: Surround text with tildes, e.g., ~strikethrough text~
    • Monospace: Surround text with three backticks, e.g., “`monospace text“`

    These inline styles can be combined, e.g., *_bold italic text_*.

    Using Custom Fonts

    GB WhatsApp also supports importing custom fonts, giving you even more font choices. Here are the steps to import custom fonts:

    • Download your preferred TTF font file.
    • Copy the font file to the GB WhatsApp/Fonts folder in your device storage.
    • In the GB WhatsApp font settings, you will see the newly added font options.

    Advanced Font Settings

    GB WhatsApp offers some advanced font settings options:

    • Font Weight: Adjust the thickness of the font.
    • Font Spacing: Adjust the spacing between characters.
    • Line Spacing: Adjust the distance between lines of text.

    These settings can be found in the “Universal” option within “GB Settings.”


    GB WhatsApp’s font style customization provides users with a great degree of personalization. Whether you seek readability or unique style, GB WhatsApp has you covered. Through global font changes, inline styles, custom font imports, and font size adjustments, you can create a chat interface that perfectly fits your personal taste. Remember, the choice of font style should balance aesthetics and functionality. Choose a font that expresses your personality without compromising everyday usability to truly enhance your GB WhatsApp experience. Try these font settings now and discover more delightful possibilities with GB WhatsApp!

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