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How to Know if Someone is Using GB WhatsApp APK

    If you’re curious whether someone is using GB WhatsApp, there are a few tricks to spot it.

    How to Know if Someone is Using GB WhatsApp

    Spotting GB WhatsApp: They Engage with Your Deleted Statuses

    In standard WhatsApp, if you delete a status, any replies to it disappear as well. But with GB WhatsApp, users can still see and reply to deleted statuses. If you post a status and delete it, then later find that someone has replied to it, it’s a clear sign they might be using GB WhatsApp.

    Identifying GB WhatsApp APK Users: They Respond to Deleted Messages

    Just like with statuses, GB WhatsApp lets users see and reply to messages even after they’ve been deleted. If you delete a message and the person still responds to it, they’re probably using GB WhatsApp. Regular WhatsApp users won’t be able to see or reply to a message once it’s been deleted.

    GB WhatsApp Clue: They Share Larger Files

    GB WhatsApp enables users to share large files and more media at once compared to the standard WhatsApp. If someone frequently sends you high-resolution videos, large batches of photos, or files that exceed the size limits of the regular app, they might be using GB WhatsApp.

    GBWhatsApp Indicators: Their Last Seen Status Doesn’t Change

    In regular WhatsApp, the last seen status updates in real-time. But with GB WhatsApp, users can freeze their last seen status, making it look like they haven’t been online even when they have.

    If you notice that someone’s last seen status doesn’t update, even when you know they’re active, they might be using GB WhatsApp. Of course, there could be other reasons, but if it happens often, it’s a strong clue.

    Another Clue: They Get Your Read Receipts, But You Don’t Get Theirs

    GB WhatsApp users can disable their read receipts while still seeing yours.

    If you consistently notice that someone always knows when you’ve read their messages, but you never see the blue ticks for their messages, it’s likely they’re using GB WhatsApp. This feature isn’t available in the standard WhatsApp, so it’s a pretty clear sign.

    Final Words:

    So, there you have it! These are some telltale signs that someone might be using GB WhatsApp.

    Keep in mind that while these methods are pretty solid, they’re not foolproof – there could be other reasons for some of these behaviors. But if you notice several of these signs together, it’s a good bet they’re using GB WhatsApp.

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