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How to React on GB WhatsApp Message with Emoji?

    Hello dear GB WhatsApp users! Today, let’s discuss how to add emoji reactions in GB WhatsApp. Firstly, let’s understand what emoji reactions are. Emoji reactions are a new feature introduced by WhatsApp, allowing users to quickly react to received messages using emojis, without needing to type a text reply. This not only adds fun and liveliness but also helps in keeping up with conversations without getting lost in new messages.

    How to React on GB WhatsApp Message with Emoji

    So, how can you use this feature in GB WhatsApp? The steps are quite simple:

    1. Open GB WhatsApp and navigate to the chat you want to respond to.

    2. Long-press the message you want to react to.

    3. From the displayed menu, choose the “Emoji reaction” option.

    4. A selection of emoji options will be displayed; pick the emoji you wish to use.

    5. The emoji you select will appear below the message as your reaction.

    React on GB WhatsApp Message with Emoji

    It’s as simple as that! Isn’t it intuitive and convenient to use? You can use emoji reactions on any message, whether it’s in a personal chat or a group conversation.

    It’s worth mentioning that GB WhatsApp offers a wider variety of emojis compared to the official version, allowing you to express your creativity and personality freely. Additionally, you can customize shortcuts for emoji reactions to make them even more efficient.

    Finally, let’s look at some practical examples of using emoji reactions:

    When you receive a funny message, you can react with a “smiling face” emoji to show your joy.

    If you receive a sad message, you can use a “crying” emoji to express sympathy.

    When you receive an important notification, you can use a “folded hands” emoji to show gratitude.

    If you receive a message that you can’t reply to immediately, you can use a “thumbs up” emoji to acknowledge receipt.

    With these lively and fun emoji reactions, you can enhance communication and strengthen relationships with friends and family. So, open up GB WhatsApp and give this new feature a try!

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