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How to Stop GB WhatsApp Users from Seeing Deleted Status?

    In today’s fast-paced digital age, WhatsApp has become an indispensable communication tool in our daily lives. With the growing demand for features and privacy, enhanced versions like GB WhatsApp have emerged, offering users more options. However, this also brings new challenges, such as balancing sharing and privacy. This article will guide you on effectively managing your status privacy while using GB WhatsApp.

    How to Stop GB WhatsApp Users from Seeing Deleted Status

    Understanding GB WhatsApp’s Unique Features

    GB WhatsApp, a powerful modified version of WhatsApp, offers many extra features not available in the official version. One popular feature is allowing users to view deleted statuses. While convenient, this feature can pose privacy issues. However, don’t worry, as there are several methods to help you better control your status privacy.

    Methods to Stop GB WhatsApp Users from Seeing Deleted Status

    1. Carefully Plan Your Status Content

    Thinking carefully about the appropriateness of your content before posting is the simplest and most effective method. Ensure that the content you share is something you’re comfortable with all your contacts seeing. This reduces the need to delete statuses and helps you build a more positive online presence.

    2. Utilize Privacy Settings

    WhatsApp offers robust privacy settings that you can fully utilize:

    Open WhatsApp and go to “Settings” > “Privacy” > “Status.”

    Select “My contacts” or “My contacts except…” to precisely control who can see your status.

    This way, you can share while protecting your privacy.

    Stop GB WhatsApp Users from Seeing Deleted Status - Hide Status

    3. Create a Close Friends List

    For more private status updates, you can create a special list of trusted friends and family:

    When posting a status, use the “Share only with…” feature.

    Select the contacts you trust to add to this list.

    This allows you to share moments with close ones while maintaining privacy.

    4. Regularly Update Your Contact List

    Keeping your contact list clean and up-to-date is a good habit:

    Regularly review your contact list.

    Remove or archive people you no longer contact.

    Add people you rarely contact but don’t want to delete to the “Restricted” list.

    This ensures that your status is seen only by those you really want to share with.

    5. Smartly Utilize Status Timeliness

    WhatsApp statuses are visible for 24 hours. You can smartly use this feature:

    Choose to post statuses later in the day.

    Use this to control the visibility time of your status, reducing the chance of unwanted views.

    6. Explore GB WhatsApp’s Advanced Privacy Features

    GB WhatsApp offers additional privacy settings that you can explore and use to further protect your privacy:

    Check for options to hide specific statuses.

    Explore if you can set different privacy rules for different contact groups.


    By taking the above measures, you can better control your status privacy while fully utilizing the powerful features offered by GB WhatsApp. Whether or not you choose to use GB WhatsApp, we hope these suggestions help you better manage your online presence and create a safer, more enjoyable social experience.

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