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How to Use GB WhatsApp: A Simple Guide

    how to use gb whatsapp

    GB WhatsApp is a special version of WhatsApp that comes with extra cool stuff. It’s built on the same platform but offers more customization and control. This guide will show you how to use GB WhatsApp easily.

    Getting Started with GB WhatsApp

    Download and Install: First, download the GB WhatsApp APK file from our page. Once done, install it on your phone.

    Setup: Open the app, enter your phone number, and restore your chat history if you have a backup.

    GB WhatsApp Chatting

    Messaging is what WhatsApp is all about, and GB WhatsApp makes it even better:

    Start a Chat: Tap the message icon to start a new chat, just like in regular WhatsApp.

    GB whatsapp Chats

    Cool Chat Features:

    • Custom Ticks: Change how your read and delivery receipts look. (You can find the function above via GBSettings > Conversation Screen)
    • Double-tap Reactions: React to messages quickly with a double-tap. (GBSettings > Conversation Screen)
    • Auto-Reply: Set automatic replies when you’re busy. (Three-dot icon > Auto Reply)
    • Schedule Messages: Plan messages to be sent at a later time. (Three-dot icon > Message Scheduler)
    • Revoke Messages: Undo messages even after they’ve been deleted by the sender. (Go to GBsettings > Privacy and Security > Anti-Delete Messages)
    • Web Search: Find and share images directly from the chat.

    GB WhatsApp Calling

    GB WhatsApp also makes calling more fun and convenient:

    Make a Call: Go to the Calls tab, tap the call icon, and choose a contact to call.

    Extra Calling Features:

    • Voice Changer: Change your voice during calls for fun.
    • Clear Call History: Delete your call history with one click.

    GB WhatsApp Status Updates

    Sharing what’s happening in your life is easy with GB WhatsApp:

    Post a Status: Go to the Status section and click the + icon to share pictures, videos, or text updates.

    Enhanced Status Features:

    • Download Statuses: Save the statuses your friends post.
    • Hide Status Views: View statuses without your contacts knowing. (Go to GBSettings > Privacy and Security > Hide View Status)
    • Longer Videos: Post videos longer than the usual 30 seconds.
    • Anti-Delete Status: See statuses even after they’ve been deleted by the user. (Go to GBSettings > Privacy and Security > Anti-Delete Status)

    GB WhatsApp Privacy & Security

    GB WhatsApp takes your privacy seriously.

    GB WhatsApp privacy feature

    In addition to end-to-end encryption, you can take advantage of:

    • Hide Last Seen and Online Status: Control who can see when you were last online. (Go to Settings > Privacy > Last Seen and Online)
    • Hide Blue Ticks and Typing Indicator: Keep your actions private. (Go to GBSettings > Privacy and Security > Privacy > Chats > Contacts/Groups)
    • App Lock: Use the built-in app lock for extra security. (Go to GBSettings > Privacy and Security > Security)
    • Hide Media: Prevent media files from showing in your phone’s gallery. (Go to GBSettings > Universal > Hide Media from Gallery)

    GBWhatsApp Customization

    One of the best things about the GB WhatsApp application is how you can personalize it:

    • Themes: Choose from thousands of themes or create your own. (Go to GBsettings > Themes)
    • Interface Customization: Change chat headers, footers, colors, launcher icons, notification icons, and wallpapers. (Go to GBSettings > Universal > Colors/Styles)
    • Emoji and Font Variants: Use different emoji sets and fonts.

    In a nutshell

    GB WhatsApp is a great way to get more out of your messaging app. It offers more features, better privacy, and lots of ways to customize your chats.

    If you have any other questions about how to use GB WhatsApp, drop them in the comment below, and we’d love to answer them.

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