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Update GBWhats V17.80 (by Heymods | AlexMods | Sam Mods) to Latest Version: May 2024 Marvels Unveiled



    Latest Updated: One Day ago | Size: 72.1 MB | Official Website:

    GBWhats V17.80 by Heymods | AlexMods | Sam Mods—GBWhats users rejoice as the latest version, 17.80, brings forth a plethora of exciting updates curated by the renowned teams Heymods, AlexMods, and Sam Mods. Let’s delve into the innovative features introduced in this new update, enhancing user experience and functionality.

    GBWhats Download Now V17.80

    Base Update

    • Anti-Ban Protection for New Numbers: Users can now breathe a sigh of relief as GBWhats integrates enhanced anti-ban protection for newly registered numbers, ensuring a smoother and safer user experience.
    • Fix Banned Numbers BETA: Although still in beta phase and not universally applicable, this feature aims to rectify issues with banned numbers, providing potential solutions for affected users.
    • Mass Message Sender: Streamline your messaging experience with the new Mass Message Sender, enabling users to effortlessly send messages to multiple contacts simultaneously.
    • New Style for Loading Fonts: Enjoy a refreshed visual experience with the introduction of a new loading font style, adding a touch of sophistication to your GBWhats interface.
    • Support Translation in Two Ways: Enhancing accessibility, GBWhats now offers support for translation in two distinct ways, catering to diverse linguistic needs.
    • Notifications and Toast in MODs: Stay updated and informed with notifications and toasts seamlessly integrated into MODs, ensuring users never miss important alerts or updates.

    Settings Enhancements:

    • New Style and Buttons for WhatsApp Widget: Customize your widget experience with new styles and buttons, allowing for a personalized interface tailored to individual preferences.
    • Ability to Make a Call Phone with Business Accounts: Empowering business users, GBWhats now enables calls to be made directly from business accounts, streamlining communication processes.
    • Clear Temporary WhatsApp Files: Maintain optimal device performance by easily clearing temporary WhatsApp files, freeing up storage space and ensuring smooth operation.

    Feature in MODs Settings:

    Enabled Username Feature: Enjoy enhanced user identification with the enabled username feature, facilitating easier communication and interaction within the GBWhats community.

    The latest update to GBWhats, Version 17.80, introduces a host of exciting features and enhancements aimed at enriching the user experience. From enhanced anti-ban protection to streamlined messaging capabilities and customizable settings, this update caters to the diverse needs of GBWhats users. Don’t miss out on these exciting new features—download GBWhats Version 17.80 today!

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