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[Guide] How to Hide Online Status on GB WhatsApp?

    how to hide online status on gbwhatsapp

    GB WhatsApp is a modified WhatsApp, offering various features focusing on enhancing user privacy. One of these features allows you to hide your online status, ensuring you don’t appear as “online” even when you are. Here, we’d like to show you how to do this.

    How to Hide Online Activity on GB WhatsApp

    Follow these straightforward steps to stay invisible while you chat:

    1. Launch the app.
    2. Tap the three-dots icon in the upper-right corner and choose GBSettings.
    3. From the options available, choose Privacy and Security.
    hide online status on gbwhatsapp for everyone
    1. Find the option labeled Hide Online Status and turn it on.
    2. Manually restart GB WhatsApp to apply the changes. On some devices, the app may restart automatically.

    This way, your online status will be hidden from everyone.

    How to Hide Last Seen from Certain Contacts on GB WhatsApp New Version

    If you prefer to hide your last seen status from certain contacts without affecting everyone, the updated GB WhatsApp has a feature to accommodate this. Follow these steps:

    • Open the app and tap the three-dots icon in the top-right corner.
    • Select Settings from the dropdown menu.
    • Navigate to Account and then tap on Privacy.
    hide online status on gbwhatsapp for specific contacts
    • You will find settings to adjust who can see your “last seen” status.
    • Choose “My contacts except…” and select the contacts you wish to prevent from seeing your “last seen”. Alternatively, if you prefer to hide it from all contacts, select Nobody.

    How to Hide Only Your Online Status Without Hiding Last Seen?

    Usually, hiding your online status will also hide your last seen time on GB WhatsApp. However, some users might wonder if they can hide their online status without freezing their last seen time. The answer is yes.

    To do so:

    1. Go to GBSettings > Privacy and Security.
    2. Under “Hide Online Status”, toggle on the option to enable hiding your online status. Don’t forget to leave the “Freeze Last Seen” option turned off. This will allow your last seen timestamp to update normally while your online status remains hidden.

    Note: This feature can only be found in the newest version of GBWhatsApp. Ensure you have downloaded the latest updated GB WhatsApp APK from a reliable source like our website.

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