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Solution: I Cannot Install the GB WhatsApp New Update

    how to fix gbwhatsapp new update installation issues

    Some users sent us emails saying they cannot install the new GB WhatsApp update. If this is what you’re experiencing, the instructions below are sure to help!

    Delete Old Version is a Must

    Before installing the new version of GBWhatsApp, you need to delete the old version first.

    Don’t Retain Data When Removing Old GB WhatsApp

    If you’ve already deleted the previous version and still can’t install the new update, check whether you retained the data or not.

    Scenario 1: If Data Retention Enabled

    If you enabled the option to retain data when deleting the old version, you need to:

    • Go to the application manager on your phone.
    • Find the app with the name of the GBWhatsApp package you were using.
    • Uninstall it.
    • Now, install the new version.

    Scenario 2: If Data Retention Not Enabled

    If you did not enable the data retention option and still can’t install the new update, please:

    Try installing a different package of GBWhatsApp, as some files may conflict. You can choose variants like GBWhatsApp Pro, or get the same app from another platform like

    Notably, this doesn’t mean is more trusted – both sites offer download sources directly from the developers. However, occasionally, glitches on websites can cause issues with the downloaded APK files.

    If you also wonder whether you can restore your chat when using a different package, the answer is definitely.

    To backup chats, if you are using Android 11 and above, you need to:

    1. Go to Android > Media > File Manager and locate the file named com.gbwhatsapp.

    2. Rename the file to match the new package you want to use. For example, if you are switching to GBWhatsAppPro, rename com.gbwhatsapp to com.gbwhatsapppro.

    3. Install the new package, verify your number, and restore your conversations.

    If you are using Android 10 and below, you need to:

    1. Go to your phone’s internal storage and find the file named GBWhatsApp (instead of com.gbwhatsapp this time).

    2. Rename it to match the new package, just like how we do it above. 

    3. Then, install the new package, verify the number, and restore your chats.

    Note: This method also works if you feel like moving to the official WhatsApp.

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